Kserotigana: traditional Cretan sweet recipe illustrated!

Illustrated recipe of kserotigana, a traditional cretan sweet
Today's recipe is one of the most delicious traditional sweets from the island of Crete. This time instead of cooking, I've illustrated the original recipe. (Make sure to click on the image to view it bigger). I recently discovered the wonderful website They draw and cook and I got motivated to participate in this inspiring project! So this is my first submission. For this illustration I also created my own handmade character set, which still has no name. Any ideas?

Although illustrating this amazing recipe was a fun and creative process, I have to admit that now I can't wait to make it for real and enjoy the crispy texture and the honey syrup flavor that our grandmothers combined so well in this little sweet pleasure!


  1. Che belle illustrazioni, Maria! Questo dolce deve essere squisito :) Complimenti, cara :)

  2. Grazie Leti! Sono buonissimi. Prima o poi illustrero' una delle tue ricette. Bacino :)

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